Your Open Energy Management Gateway

The transformation of the energy supply towards an increasing amount of fluctuating renewable energy sources places new challenges on the power grids. As in many cases the production rates of renewables strongly depend on time of day and weather, a smart grid must be able to compensate for a potential mismatch of energy production and consumption. Typical options for this task are the adaption of energy generation, the control of energy storage schemes and active demand side management. The Open Gateway Management Alliance (OGEMA) offers a software platform that supports the automated execution of these energy management tasks, either following a direct command or reacting to an incentive. The platform can be deployed in households, commercial environments and industries.

The Software
The OGEMA software is an open source “operating system” for energy management which allows to run software applications from different sources on one gateway computer. Such applications can operate the customers' loads and generators and connect their facilities to the Smart Grid. By providing a manufacturer- and hardware-independent platform, OGEMA allows to optimize energy flows within end customer premises with a high degree of modularity. Interested parties can turn their ideas for more efficient energy usage by automation into software for the gateway platform. With the installation of appropriate hardware drivers, all building and home automation systems can basically be integrated.


The Alliance
OGEMA stands for "Open Gateway Energy Management Alliance", which is a consortium of partners with the common interest to advance the open OGEMA standard. The Alliance takes responsibility for developing OGEMA as a software standard together with a reference implementation. Target participants are manufacturers and users/operators of standards-compliant systems. Alliance members actively influence the future development of the specification and take part in discussions on new specification requirements and are part of marketing and promotion activities.

The development of OGEMA is continued in the project "OGEMA 2.0" which is funded by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety. In this project, three Fraunhofer institutes (IIS, ISE and IWES) join their experiences from major German Smart Grid projects to develop a new specification and reference implementation. To support the project, an Industrial Working Group (IWG) has been founded. As participants of the IWG, interested industrial parties can contribute with their practical experiences and formulate individual requirements for the energy management gateway.