Projects and References

Here you find some of our Projects.


Scalable Energy Management Infrastructure for Aggregation of Households
A novel and open ICT infrastructure for the implementation of automated Demand Response […]

REV 2020

Regional Energy Supply 2020 – Energy management with dynamic pricing for households (since 2009)
Rev2020 is an industry project funded by […]


Energy management and decision support systems for Energy POSitive neighbourhoods. Energy management in neighborhoods (since 2012)
EEPOS is a research and […]


Buildings Energy Advanced Management Systems
BEAMS is a EU Research and Development project funded by the EC in the context of […]


Pervasive Energie durch internetbasierte Telekommunikationsdienste.
Energy management for office buildings (since 2012)
pinta is a research and development project funded by the […]

Model City Mannheim

The project develops a holistic system approach as a multi-domain solution for the Model-City Mannheim.