OGEMA 2.0 Industrial Working Group (IWG)

First OGEMA IWG Meeting

To accompany the project „OGEMA 2.0“ an Industrial Working Group (IWG) was founded to bring in the industry’s practical experiences and to formulate individual requirements for the energy management gateway.

The participants of the IWG receive first hand information on the development of the energy management gateway and will be trained to develop applications (apps) and business cases based on OGEMA.
In addition, the topics standardisation, international cooperation and licensing strategies will be developed and presented to the participants of the IWG.

Furthermore the IWG should support the transfer of the project results into the market with various activities (e.g. development of variable tariffs, smart grid public relations, etc.).

Please download the OGEMA 2.0 Industrial Working Group Flyer [289 KB] .



Target participants for the Industrial Working Group are commercial companies, which are potential users of the OGEMA-Gateway. These are for example manufacturers of metering devices, heating technologies, white goods, inverters, etc., but also energy and communication companies.

Advantages of the IWG at a glance:

  • knowledge lead OGEMA 2.0
  • provision of own requirements for the gateway
  • share your smart grid vision
  • smart grid networking platform
  • get support to develop own apps
  • common standardisation activities
  • common business case development
  • participation is free of charge

If you are interested to participate in the Industrial Working Group or have any questions, don´t hesitate to contact us:

Patrick Selzam
Tel. + 49 561 7294-303
Fraunhofer IWES
Königstor 59
34119 Kassel

Detailed information on the work plan you find here .

Detailed information on the Project Partners you find here .