Buildings Energy Advanced Management Systems

BEAMS is a EU Research and Development project funded by the EC in the context of the 7th Framework Program. Its strategic goal is the development of an advanced, integrated management system which enables energy efficiency in buildings and special infrastructures from a holistic perspective.

The project is developing an open interoperability gateway that will allow the management of diverse, heterogeneous sources and loads, some of them typically present nowadays in spaces of public use (e.g. public lighting, ventilation, air conditioning), some others emergent and to be widespread over the next years (e.g. electric vehicles and photovoltaic installations).
BEAMS will be a user driven, demonstration oriented project, where evidence of the energy and CO2 savings achieved by the project’s technologies will be collected. The approach will be validated through the development of a facility management environment to be deployed in two pilot sites:


  • The stadium of the Football Club Barcelona in Spain
  • The campus of the University of Salento in Italy

 Kick off meeting at the stadium of FC Barcelona


The Kick off meeting was hosted within the facilities of the Football Club Barcelona (Camp Nou). Following the first analysis on requirements and use cases to be address by the project, the consortium had the opportunity to visit the Barcelona sport facilities: the football stadium, ice-skate rink and the football museum. Different loads – HVAC, lights, etc. – were considered to be managed by BEAMS Building Management System.

In the course of the project, the first gateway version was developed and deployed. It is now being tested at the pilot sites. The software is based on OGEMA 1.1 and the gateway communicates with a higher-order facility management environment (FAME) over web services. Measurement data is recorded at remote servers. With this setup, experiments are carried out with regards to the BEAMS use cases and energy management of lighting, PV and HVAC devices.

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