The DERlab association develops joint requirements and quality criteria for the connection and operation of distributed energy resources (DER) and strongly supports the consistent development of DER technologies. DERlab offers testing and consulting services  for distributed generation (DG) to support the transition towards more decentralised power systems.

OGEMA is used in several European projects by DERlab members as a platform for energy management and control of components in residential and industrial environments. DERlab led the development of the neighbourhood automation and management system platform in the FP7 EU project EEPOS (http://eepos-project.eu/), which is based on OGEMA’s open source software. By supporting developments based on OGEMA DERlab contributed to the NOBEL GRID project. DERlab aims at promoting this system as a basis for the rapid development of smart grid applications running on NOBEL GRID’s Smart Low-cost Advanced Meter (SLAM) and Smart Meter eXtention (SMX) embedded platforms. For this purpose, DERlab carried out further development of the graphical user interfaces for core OGEMA components, and supported the design of the software development kit which assists the development process of OGEMA applications. DERlab has also been involved in testing the core framework’s performance and stability within the project’s target hard- and software environment. In 2017 DERlab together with IWES implemented and tested example applications and drivers for the functionalities and communication protocols used in NOBEL GRID. The solutions will be integrated on the target hardware and the environment defined by the NOBEL GRID architecture. This will demonstrate how to use OGEMA as a rapid development tool to project partners who want to implement and execute NOBEL GRID use cases.

Further to that, DERlab is active the following areas.


DERlab provides a platform for common research and knowledge transfer. The common publications and research outcomes of the DERlab network are actively disseminated.


DERlab supports the development of European and international standards by providing technical information and input to the standardization bodies.


DERlab is active in the national, international and intercontinental networks and events that discuss DER topics and aims at the establishment of a network of DER experts in the world.



European Distributed Energy Resources Laboratories e.V. (DERlab)

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