Pervasive Energie durch internetbasierte Telekommunikationsdienste.
Energy management for office buildings (since 2012)

pinta is a research and development project funded by the German Ministry for the Economy as part of the IT2Green Initiative. Its goal is to provide efficient energy management of offices based on so-called “context information” – information about the presence or absence of office users. Sources of context information include presence and motion detectors, smart phone presence detection via WLAN, BlueTooth Dongles, and calendar information. Managed devices include lights, desktop computers, and heating. Using the context information, the managed devices will only be active when actually needed, thus saving energy without reduction in user comfort.

The project duration is from 04/2011 to 03/2014. During this time, a field test was conducted at the city hall of Bruchköbel. Further tests at E.On Mitte, IWES, and ComTec (University of Kassel) have been conducted in order to improve the pinta system. In particular, the Fraunhofer IWES has contributed the OGEMA 1.1 Framework for the first iteration of pinta and is working on a prototype implementation of pinta using the OGEMA 2.0 Framework.

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