Regional Energy Supply 2020 – Energy management with dynamic pricing for households (since 2009)

Rev2020 is an industry project funded by E.ON Mitte AG. Its goal is the development of a smart grid in a region with a high proportion of local renewable energy production, with a special focus on increasing local consumption of locally generated energy. For this purpose, twenty households in the Niedervorschütz district of the town of Felsberg were given Bidirectional Emergy Management Interfaces (BEMIs) which provided the participants with “bonus tariff” information generated by the Fraunhofer IWES based on predictions of local-area production of wind and solar energy as well as load profiles of the community for the previous year. Using this information, the participants could adjust their energy consumption patterns to make them fit with local-area energy production, gaining bonus points for using electricity during times of peak production while losing points for using electricity during times of energy scarcity. Furthermore, the BEMIs also automatically managed fridges by cooling them to their lower temperature tolerance threshold during times of surplus while allowing them to reach their higher temperature tolerance threshold during times of scarcity, thus transforming the fridges into energy storage devices.

The field trial ran from 04/2013 to 10/2013. A successor project has been approved and is currently in preparation.

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