Based on OGEMA the Smartrplace platform enables various automation applications in the area of building automation, energy management and Smart Factory. Core applications of the platform are optimization of heating, ventilation and air conditioning control for energy efficiency and user convenience. Based on this platform Smartrplace enables rapid development of custom automation applications. This includes state-of-the-art user interfaces accessible via web browser and native mobile applications.

The platform comprises the SmartrplaceBox as a ready-to-run OGEMA-Gateway and the Smartrplace Cloud Server as an OGEMA-based rapid development server solution for cluster operation of OGEMA-Gateways. The platform can be extended via the open OGEMA programming interface (API) and the OGEMA Software Development Kit (SDK). This enables the development of apps and hardware drivers with basic Java knowledge. Based on this API, partners and even users themselves are able to extend the platform by special functionalities based on their specific requirements, which includes additional requirements that come up during long-term operation.

Via the Smartrplace Appstore support and deployment also for such additional individual components can be organized easily. All data is stored and processed on the local SmartrplaceBox by default. Long-term operation is thus guaranteed as no dependency on the availability of cloud services is required even if cloud services can be connected for optional functionalities, evaluation and optimization. The permission-based clearance of data transmission gives the operator/user full control on the data traffic and provides a maximum level of data protection.

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